Wever & Ducre



MPower has grown to become a leader in the field due to a combination of solid market and product expansion, strategic acquisitions and a strong client focus.

Our customers come first and this means we have long standing relationships with some of the largest players in the market. Our approach is to deliver the best outcome for your specific requirements.

MPower has a long and solid history of providing power related products, systems and solutions allowing us to service the most demanding power needs. We are driven by engineering precision and take great pride in our long engineering history and expertise. We control every aspect of our solutions from research and development through to design, manufacture and installation. This gives us the flexibility to develop custom designs for specific requirements and deliver new products that solve the evolving needs of our customers

Our wide range of batteries and chargers, portable and black start generators, emergency lighting, UPS systems, power electronics and solar are a fit for a diverse range of applications including domestic, government, commercial, cogeneration, telecommunications and military purposes.

For more information on MPower and their great range of products, click here. All MPower products are available through Illuminating Solutions so contact us for localised sourcing, service and technical support.