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About Us

Why Choose Illuminating Solutions

We provide innovative, efficient and premium lighting products with a continually developing range that takes advantage of rapid technological development.

Our unique position as a manufacturer’s agent for the ACT and region allows us to bring unparalleled access to an incredible range of high performance LED lighting products and infrastructure. Many of the most advanced, unique, specialised and innovative lighting products in the market to day are not directly accessible through normal retail channels. Being an agent for multiple Australian and overseas manufacturers, we can offer you direct access to these products and at the same time give localised technical and planning support.  

We offer you factory competitive or wholesale pricing and comprehensive support allowing you access to truly unique and high quality solutions for lighting challenges.

Illuminating Solutions takes great pride in developing and maintaining mutually beneficial, loyal, lasting relationships with strategically selected partners.  We provide the timely delivery of reliable, quality, innovative products along with outstanding customer service, education and technical support and lighting design.

Our staff is exceptionally knowledgeable and able to provide the right solutions for all needs.  Along with knowledge, we can work hand in hand with you and your customers from the design stage all the way to project completion.