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Light up your space with the industry professionals at Illuminating Solutions

Donald Kelly joined the electrical industry in Canberra in 1990, and 32 years on, he’s just as passionate as ever about lighting.

Owner of Illuminating Solutions in Mitchell, along with his wife Georgina, Mr Kelly is proud to admit his business is the oldest of its kind in Canberra.

Born and bred in Yass, Mr Kelly credits his mother and family for instilling his strong work ethic and family values.

His lighting career began in his original business partner’s garage in Watson – a literal startup garage enterprise.

In 2006, they both became partners at Illuminating Solutions and today, Mr Kelly is the sole owner.

An avid cricket lover and Roosters NRL fan, he doesn’t consider himself an entrepreneur, but concedes he is a passionate business owner.

So, what continues to excite Mr Kelly about lighting after more than three decades in the industry?

“People – and this incredible and clever new team that we’ve built. Our job’s not done yet,” he smiles.

“I get to do what I do in a city where I’ve grown up, in the city I’ve respectfully served for a long time.

“Now we’ve created our own Experience Centre which we get to introduce to Canberra and watch it evolve over the coming years.

“I want to continue to work on lighting solutions for people who need our help, because it’s really important that people know what they’re actually looking for.”

The drive and commitment of his staff to continue to grow, learn, and expand their knowledge is what he admires most.

The Illuminating Solutions ‘family’ has grown from four to seven staff, giving the business more scope to expand into deeper pockets of the market and guide Canberrans to their lighting goals.

“These guys are like my family. That’s what it is, that’s how we are,” Mr Kelly says.

Representing nine lighting manufacturers through a massive market in ACT, the team works with architects, interior designers, consultants, building managers, electricians, wholesalers and everyone and anyone in between.

Illuminating Solutions offers both commercial and residential lighting and has a unique way of showcasing their products.

Their fresh and inviting Experience Centre immerses you in the world of illumination through art, expertise, and impeccable design.

Built and designed in-house and exuding a touch of funk mixed with tasteful class, the brand-new centre is guaranteed to be unlike anything you’ve seen before – truly one of a kind.

“What we can show the client from an in-situ style, and uniquely explain to them some options, will give them a better understanding of what lighting can actually do,” Mr Kelly says.

“We’re showing people what is available in the different types of lighting.”

And because innovation requires consistent evolution, there will always be new, exciting concepts to experience at Illuminating Solutions.

Mr Kelly says he considers residential jobs to simply be a ‘little commercial project’, and he guarantees all clients receive the same exceptional dedication, quality and service.

At Illuminating Solutions, trust is at the heart of customer service.

“We trust our product, we trust our people, we trust our process, and we trust our price,” Mr Kelly says.

“We trust our partners, who manufacture the product. We stick with them, they stick with us. We trust the market, and I trust my staff to learn and continue to grow their expertise.”

After trust, education is the next key piece to the Illuminating Solutions business model.

As lighting specialists, the team members are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge with clients to achieve the best possible outcome.

One aspect of the job which will always be held in the highest regard is your budget – and Mr Kelly says that’s a promise.

“Budgets are really, really important to us,” he explains.

“We are most respectful of people’s budgets, and I think that’s something that is respected back. Whatever the budget requirements on a particular project are, we’ll endeavour to continue to sell our quality packages.”

When it comes to construction, Mr Kelly recommends that people consider lighting as a fundamental element because it helps to create a sense of space.

“What is the client trying to achieve? That’s what we ask ourselves and the client to get better at what we do,” he says.

“We’re a small business and we’re really respectful of people’s requirements and we don’t want to waste people’s time. That’s the kicker – we want to help educate and offer our expertise.

“Lighting is a science.”

To take a walk-through of Illuminating Solutions’ new Experience Centre in Mitchell, head to their website to book an appointment.

Source: Canberra Weekly