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For the next level of accessibility and flexibility in lighting solutions, Unios has partnered with Casambi to integrate BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology into our luminaires.

Using our Bluetooth Smart Lighting Solution, it is now possible to wirelessly control and personalise each luminaire through your smartphones, tablets and smartwatches.

Lighting control technology has advanced further in the past decade than in the previous century. LEDs allow more sophisticated and precise light than ever before, while wireless technology means it is possible to control lights from a handheld device. The barrier to entry for setting up a smart lighting solution in offices, retail and homes is lower than ever.

Casambi uses BLE and a tailored mesh network for regular operation so that no WiFi connection is needed. BLE is a wireless technology and the only low power wireless technology in all modern smartphones, tablets and even smartwatches. This makes it the only mainstream and future proof low power radio technology in the world. The Casambi app turns your Bluetooth equipped device into an advanced control and configuration centre. Control and personalise each luminaire or as a group for very specific scenarios. The possibilities of controlling the way light affects you every day are endless – customised scenes, setup automations, reconfigure grouping, add/remove luminaires and much more.

Saara Guastella, Casambi Product Marketing Manager, based in Como, Italy states that this technology works with a range of existing luminaires or already installed wall switches and can be integrated into LED drivers, bulbs or modules. “This creates an optimal solution in terms of ease in installation and functionality, with minimal additional hardware and deployment costs.”

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Source: Unios