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Norka Lighting

Norka Lighting has been a family owned and managed company since 1948 and since that time we have been synonymous with highly efficient quality lighting fixtures. Our product is by design, a quality product, and fully compliant with Australian standards which offers an extended lifetime of dependability and performance.

Our production facilities are located South of Hamburg, where with current modern technology in the machinery and flexible production lines in these manufacturing facilities keep up our high quality standards. So that we continue to deliver the same Norka quality, we invested in a modern logistics and training center. With this measure we are ready for the future of a fast-paced technological development.

By using the most modern technology, we are able to develop unique ideas and designs, particularly in the sector of super-efficient luminaire development. One of the standout features of our fixtures is the range and efficiency of the reflectors. They have proven to greatly improve the economic lighting efficiency of most lighting situations and applications.

For more information on Norka Lighting and their great range of products, click here. All Norka Lighting products are available through Illuminating Solutions so contact us for localised sourcing, service and technical support.