JSB Lighting

Commercial Lighting


Lighting plays an important role in personal and property safety and crime prevention within enclosed or open car park precincts. Bright, efficient and well planned lighting and thoroughfares improves visibility, personal and vehicular safety and can decreases theft or vandalism.

It can change community perception of an area, which can lead to increased usage and facilitates informal surveillance. Well-lit spaces aren’t just safer for the public – they’re more pleasant too. That’s why many leading supermarkets, retailers and municipal bodies choose to enhance lighting in and around car park spaces to help boost usage outside daylight hours.

We can provide a high quality service at all stages, from planning, scope and design to fitting selection. Our access to the latest technically advanced car park solutions can reduce cost, energy usage and long-term maintenance. Using high performance, low environmental impact fittings we can consult on the best solutions to eliminate over-spill and keeping light pollution to a minimum.