JSB Lighting


Domestic and Residential Lighting

Our home lighting products can make a big difference in the way your house looks and functions, both internally and externally.

Good lighting helps us to see better and perform tasks more easily, and it provides safety, security and a sense of comfort. Lighting and lighting controls also provide us with the flexibility to adjust and adapt the mood and ambiance of our homes. With exciting LED lights and LED technology now in the mainstream, the long performance life, low temperature and beautiful clean soft light will transform your living experience and save you money.

Illuminating Solutions takes a personal, hands on approach in consultation with developers, designers, architects and residential project consultants to provide efficient and beautiful lighting solutions in both traditional and contemporary settings. With access to an impressive collection of high quality imported and Australian made lighting products, we can source both internal and external domestic lighting products where function, aesthetic, design and technical specifications are required to fulfill the requirements of any project.