JSB Lighting

Earthing and Lightning Protection


Illuminating Solutions has a long standing supplier agreement with Tercel, one of Australia’s leading lightning and earthing design and manufacture companies.

Through Tercel, Illuminating Solutions can source and supply to the ACT and surrounding region:

  • Conventional and active air terminals (lightning rods), with mountings, brackets, bases, poles, guy wires and fittings to suit any design
  • Copper, Aluminium, stainless steel, galvanised steel and other types of conductors in cable, bar, tape, rod, rope, braid, mats, etc. with or without PVC insulation
  • Fixings and fittings, including clamps, clips, connectors, saddles, brackets, etc. for all conductors
  • Test-links, bonding discs, coax cable grounding kits, junction enclosures, stand-offs, labels, etc. to suit all systems
  • Exothermic welding equipment for any connection, including moulds, weld-metal, handles, clamps, igniter’s and all other accessories
  • Earthing electrodes, clamps, connectors, etc. in copper, stainless steel and galvanised steel
  • PVC, metal and concrete earth pits with lockable lids and labels to suit
  • Earth improving compounds for difficult soil conditions